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Robins Diary

An advert for the retail motor industry!

Recently the TV news, especially on the BBC, has been focussing on the death of the High Street.   Even if times are hard, I’m sure the last thing that High Street shops need is this being blasted all over the BBC.  Sadly it would appear they don’t seem to care about the jobs and the effect job losses have, just as long as they can fill their 24 hour news programmes!   I’m sure nobody really considers it ‘real news’, especially as drug busts and successful prosecutions amongst other things seem to go un-mentioned!   I for one, would far rather see news about criminals having been caught and convicted today  rather than X Y or Z shop closing down - but maybe that’s just me, who wants to see convicted criminals locked up for a long time, or maybe I would become even more annoyed if they got a slap on the wrist and community service for a week, and kept all their ill-gotten gains!!!

Anyway, back to jobs – there are car dealerships all over the UK are struggling to find staff, and those trained in and enjoying working in the retail sector are perfect for dealerships - the knowledge required for the motor industry is easy to learn for the customer facing jobs.  I believe the most important criteria for these jobs is to love giving great service to customers, just like you would be given in a great shop, and I think as an industry, we offer more, because you really get to know the customer much better and build a relationship with them, they come back every year, and,  as us older ones know, a year passes in a flicker!

So, if you are worried about your future working on the High Street, do consider the retail motor industry.  It’s a great industry to join with great prospects and there is a shortage of applicants for jobs, just the same old ones keep moving from job to job, when an injection of new blood will benefit everyone!


“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do”  Henry Ford



Robins Diary
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Give me 5 Good Reasons to Buy from Luscombe Suzuki

  1. Our prices are highly competitive – discounted to match any you will find in the UK – They are checked daily because we know price is very important
  2. We have Straight-Talking Salespeople, empowered to deal directly with you – They talk openly about price, part exchange and finance rates.
  3. Our Managers come out of the office to ensure you enjoy a stress-free, highly personable, friendly car buying experience
  4. Everyone says they offer unrivalled customer care – We Do!! We really believe that it is only through dealing honestly with our customers that we can earn their trust and loyalty.
  5. We are an Award Winning Suzuki dealership – in just six years we have won Suzuki Dealer of the Year three times in 2011, 2013 and 2015

Many dealers claim to be different and customer orientated! We are!!

We won't sell you a car but WE WILL help you buy one!!

Who owns Luscombe Suzuki Leeds?

  • Robin Luscombe is the owner of the business and is very hands on
  • He loves what he does and likes to speak to all his customers
  • His mobile phone number appears on all marketing and he is happy to be contacted any time
  • He would be delighted to book your car in for a service, sell you a car or deal with any query you may have!
  • Says Robin - "I have a great team and am delighted that so many customers remark on the team's friendliness and helpfulness. They enjoy their roles in the company and aim to make buying a car an enjoyable, stress-free experience - And remember, I am always on hand to support everyone - You deserve great service and I can personally guarantee it! - If not I insist you call me up!"

In what ways are Luscombe Suzuki Leeds different?

  • Our Sales Staff are empowered to make instant decisions - they don't have to run to faceless managers in distant offices who avoid talking to you!
  • We stand by our cars - and by the warranties we provide
  • We advertise our discounted prices - you don't have to battle with us for discount
  • We price check our cars daily to stay ahead of the competition
  • We carry up to 100 New Suzuki cars in stock, so if you want to see the Celerio, Swift, Baleno, S-Cross, Jimny or Vitara of your choice in the colour of your choice, we are only too pleased to help
  • We have a full range of Suzuki Demonstrators and you are welcome to test drive any of our vehicles
  • We opened in 2010 so don’t have a long reputation of being an old business – but we are new and fresh with a very customer focused culture
  • Our modern award winning ethos provides a unique service and experience of today, not the old fashioned car sales style many customers know and dislike
  • We pass on the best possible finance rates - we want to sell cars - we are not a bank and we make money from many satisfied customers each contributing a little - not a few contributing a lot!

Why is your 'Team' different from the rest?

  • We are passionate about our business and our customers
  • We are customer focussed - not company policy driven
  • There is a great atmosphere - we actually enjoy coming to work!
  • We have fun and share that with our customers
  • We all help each other - after all, we are all in it together
  • We offer personal attention - you can't do that in big companies
  • We make rules to suit customers - and bend them - not rules to suit the business!
  • We act with integrity and courtesy
  • We have been voted Suzuki Dealer of the Year three times in just six years since opening

You say your used car prices are competitive - How do we know?

  • Firstly every used car undergoes a thorough check to ensure it warrants a place in our stock! - If not we send it to the trade or auction
  • We carry a great selection of Used Suzuki Swift, Suzuki Celerio, Suzuki SX4, Suzuki S-Cross, Suzuki Vitara and Suzuki Jimny along with one of the best selection of Part Exchange cars in Leeds from manufacturers including Ford, Vauxhall , Skoda, Fiat, Kia, Hyundai, Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Mazda, Honda,Toyota, Nissan, Seat, Volkswagen etc
  • All our cars are fully checked in our service department and all are supplied with a full 12 months MOT
  • Once the car reaches our exacting standards, we check the price against the trade books and then check it daily on the Internet - comparing it on AutoTrader, V-Cars and Suzuki's website to remain competitive
  • We ensure our prices are the greatest value in the UK, taking into account the mileage, specification etc

Do you only sell cars in Leeds and surrounding areas?

  • No Way - We have customers throughout the UK - just look at our reviews! Our location in Leeds is very convenient for the M1, M62 and A1 as well as being close to Leeds City Station - we will go out of our way to make buying a car from us as easy as possible!
  • Although based in the heart of West Yorkshire, we are very well placed close to the M1 M62 and M621 and see many customers from East Yorkshire and Humberside, Barnsley and Sheffield in South Yorkshire and over to Manchester and Lancashire in the West
  • We are also close to Leeds City Station and happily collect our customers from there so they can drive their own car away from our premises.
  • We can arrange finance, take your part exchange and deliver your new or used car to your home or office
  • We encourage all our customers’ feedback, so you can make an informed decision about the dealer and the car – before you buy from anywhere, read our genuine customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Yell.com, Reevoo, Auto Trader and Honest John – We don’t pay anyone to leave reviews, but good or not, they are all important to ensure we offer the best possible service and buying experience.

And finally, Robin - what are your aims and ambitions for Luscombe Suzuki Leeds?

  • My aim is to change the landscape of the car business with the help of my people
  • I believe in looking after my employees and they will in turn look after my customers
  • It's important to me that my team enjoy their work and that together we create an enjoyable working environment
  • I want to help my team plan and build their lives, their families and achieve their ambitions
  • I want my business to be successful and be recognised as a great place to spend your money
  • I really believe that it is only through dealing honestly with customers that we can earn their trust and loyalty - and that is my ultimate aim

Please feel free to contact me any time - You can email me at robin@luscombemotors.co.uk or my mobile 07984 647938.