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Robins Diary

An advert for the retail motor industry!

Recently the TV news, especially on the BBC, has been focussing on the death of the High Street.   Even if times are hard, I’m sure the last thing that High Street shops need is this being blasted all over the BBC.  Sadly it would appear they don’t seem to care about the jobs and the effect job losses have, just as long as they can fill their 24 hour news programmes!   I’m sure nobody really considers it ‘real news’, especially as drug busts and successful prosecutions amongst other things seem to go un-mentioned!   I for one, would far rather see news about criminals having been caught and convicted today  rather than X Y or Z shop closing down - but maybe that’s just me, who wants to see convicted criminals locked up for a long time, or maybe I would become even more annoyed if they got a slap on the wrist and community service for a week, and kept all their ill-gotten gains!!!

Anyway, back to jobs – there are car dealerships all over the UK are struggling to find staff, and those trained in and enjoying working in the retail sector are perfect for dealerships - the knowledge required for the motor industry is easy to learn for the customer facing jobs.  I believe the most important criteria for these jobs is to love giving great service to customers, just like you would be given in a great shop, and I think as an industry, we offer more, because you really get to know the customer much better and build a relationship with them, they come back every year, and,  as us older ones know, a year passes in a flicker!

So, if you are worried about your future working on the High Street, do consider the retail motor industry.  It’s a great industry to join with great prospects and there is a shortage of applicants for jobs, just the same old ones keep moving from job to job, when an injection of new blood will benefit everyone!


“One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do”  Henry Ford



Robins Diary
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No. 1 Suzuki Dealer in the UK for Motability

Motability Header

At Luscombe's our different way of dealing with customers extends into our Motability department and we are delighted to have recently been awarded No 1 Suzuki Dealer in the UK for Motability, having sold more new Suzuki Motability cars than any other dealer.
Robin Luscombe (Managing Director)


Why Choose Luscombe's for Motability

As a small dealership rather than a large PLC, it's the fact we can offer such a personal service that sets us apart. We are not bound by company policy and will try our best to make the Motability rules fit around your needs to ensure the best care and service for you. We believe in TLC not PLC at Luscombe's.

As a Premier Partner of the Motability Scheme, we always focus on the special requirements of the disabled. For your assistance, we have two fully trained Motability Specialists on site and ready to answer any questions you may have.  - Luscombe Suzuki Leeds is the first dealership in the UK to receive 'Working to become Dementia Friendly' status after guidance on factors to consider when dementia sufferers and their pairtners visit - Being aware fits in with our business culture as we are a caring business where cars can be bought without high pressure sales and wehre customer service is paramount. 

Call now to make an appointment so we can tell you about the 20 models in the Suzuki range with Nil Advance Payment and let you see and test drive the model of your choice - We won't sell you a car but we will help you buy one


Meet your Motability Specialists Damien and Alan

Damien Ryan

"I have been working here since the very beginning and over time I have acquired a wealth of Motability experience"

Alan Pestill

"I have been in the Motor Trade for many years and have over 10 years' Motability experience. I am here to help you find the right car"


Luscombe Suzuki make Motability easy

Suzuki Motability

Easy Access


At Luscombe Suzuki Leeds we have disabled car parking right outside the showroom door. If you call us to say you're coming down, we will be waiting at the door.

Advice & Information


Our award winning, friendly personal and no pressure service ensures that no matter how complex your requirements, at Luscombe Suzuki Leeds, both of our Motability Specialists are experienced enough to deal with any enquiry.

Test Drives


We have the full range of Suzuki cars available to test drive just give us a call on 0113 271 2288 and we will have the vehicle of your choice ready and waiting for you to drive - Right Now there are some excellent Motability offers available with Nil Advance Payment available on 20 Suzuki models including all models of the New Swift 1.2 SZ3 Dualjet and Boosterjet, Manual and Automatic , New Vitara SZ4 and SZ-T and on the All New Ignis 1.2 Z3, 1.2 SZ-T Manual and 1.2 SZ-T Auto and the All New S-Cross SZ4 -  The Vitara SZ-T Auto is available for only £299 Advance Rental or if you fancy 4x4 this Winter, the Vitara SZ-T Allgrip 4x4 is available for only £399 Advance Rental - Ask us now for full details

Motability Adaptions


We are aware that some customers require special modifications to their vehicles and at Luscombe Suzuki Leeds this is not a problem. Damien and Alan have a wealth of Motability experience between them and are accustomed to dealing with all aspects of Motability.

Here's what some of some of our customer's have to say:

“ The staff at Luscombe Suzuki Leeds were good because they was not just brilliant, helpful, and understanding they were outstanding! never have I met such polite, helpful people before. taking into consideration I had only 6 months previously bought a brand new skoda which took 3 hours to notice me in the showroom, and 3 days to find me a car, it was nothing like the car I wanted they were terrible people to deal with. I honestly think mobility should use Suzuki staff to train all other mobility sales men or women how to behave. ” Mrs Gillian Robson

"Just a brief but sincere thank you for the service my wife and I received recently. I am a motability customer and can say without reservation that, after almost 20 years on the scheme, I was treated with respect and understanding by all your staff, especially Allan. At no point did I feel any 'salesman' pressure to decide and the advice I received was all good, the SX4 that I chose is excellent and suits all my needs, and more, so a great big thank you to all concerned". Brian A. Mynott

"I am absolutely delighted with my car - it has attracted attention from various people who will shortly be exchanging their present car - also the members of your staff are so very polite and caring and Damien was more than helpful - myself and partner would like to say a big thank you to everyone - kindest regards "Gloria V

"Thank you all so much for the wonderful service we received on bringing my car in for service on Monday, the courtesy, politeness, friendliness of everyone made myself and my partner feel as though we were the most important people in your establishment - AND by the way, I just LOVE my car (I have it on Mobility) no other make of car will do for me SO when my 3 years is up I shall be back (although I will be sad to part with this one.  Thank you all again and wish you all good health and safety in the future." Gloria V    

"Just picked up my Motability Vitara SZ5. All staff were excellent. Friendly and very helpful. Was shown around the car and had all the controls demonstrated. I would recommend Luscombe Suzuki Leeds to anyone wanting a new car." Stephen S

For more information, please contact either Damien or Alan on 0113 271 2288, who will be happy to talk you through the Suzuki Motability range and answer any questions you may have.
Right Now there are some great Motability offers 
with 20 Models in the Suzuki range requiring 
Nil Advance Payment !!
Nil Advance Payment on New Swift 1.2 SZ3 Dualjet MT, 1.0 SZ-T Boosterjet MT, 1.0 SZ5 Boosterjet SHVS MT, 1.0 SZ5 Boosterjet Auto
&1.2 SZ5 SHVS 4x4 MT
Nil Advance Payment on New Vitara SZ4 and SZ-T,
£299 Advance Payment on Vitara SZ-T Auto,
£399 Advance Payment on Vitara SZ-T Allgrip 4x4  &
Nil Advance Payment on the All New Ignis Man and Auto
Nil Advance Payment onthe All New S-Cross SZ4 and only
£199 Advance Payment on the All New S-Cross SZ-T
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