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Robins Diary

You just never know what’s around the corner - this week I returned to see my consultant following another MRI scan of my back.  I anticipated him telling me that the results showed my back was, at best, well on its way to being repaired or, at worse, needed a relatively small operation – I was, however, totally shocked when he started giving me all sorts of details of what he could see, at which point I started to go blank  -  “Can you fix it?” was all I wanted to know, to which the reply was, “Yes but!!”   I felt like a customer must feel when a small fault on a car results in a time-consuming and expensive repair!  It turns out, if I have the op, it will be 12 months before the screws, bone grafts etc will have glued themselves together!!

On the same day that I was dealt this blow, one of the team at work was also dealt some bad news, and now we are both helping each other to get through the next year.  It’s amazing how life can change – only three months ago both of us were happily getting on with life, now we both have the biggest challenges of our lives, but thankfully, neither of us will let each other lose the positivity we need to get beyond a big setback.

It’s amazing how much we all need mates in tough times, and whilst we have been fortunate enough to help each other, we are both totally committed to helping customers as well - we have lots of customers who have become friends, and even some who we don’t know so well, we have still helped them overcome their issues.  It’s just a feeling money can’t buy - to overcome problems and see everyone with a smile - so now I’m the one needing a big chunk of positivity as I can’t imagine a year without playing on my beloved Trials bike, never mind having a major back operation!!

Whilst I’ve been off,  I have also realised that a big part of our success is down to caring for, trusting in and looking after each other , because providing safety and security within a group is a major factor in creating a successful business, encouraging people to perform at a higher level and feel better, etc.  If you want to know more, read Simon Sinek’s “Leaders Eat Last” .  Despite undergoing something I never expected, doing lots of reading while I’ve had time to do it has definitely changed my outlook and understanding of life and business.

“Patience is not the ability to wait, it’s the ability to keep a positive attitude while waiting”.  Dr William Holden


Robins Diary
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