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Robins Diary

The big story without doubt this week is Carillion – it’s terrible news for all their employees but the impact on its suppliers could have far more widespread damage.  In nearly eight years I have only suffered a couple of times with companies we supply going bust and leaving me with a unpaid debt, but, in the case of Carillion, I am sure that some of the outstanding invoices which remain unpaid will be enough to close great companies which have done absolutely nothing wrong except supply a company which has been contracted by us, the tax payer.

Following the banks getting themselves into similar situations and being bailed out, common sense would suggest the bonuses which top managers are paid should surely have some form of restriction in order to stop some people walking away with a great deal whilst others lower down the chain and the tax payer are left to pick up the pieces. It’s not illegal but it should be controlled because I believe it is certainly immoral - and I wonder how many more times it will happen before it is regulated. 

We as a business are constantly having to deal with more and more regulation, the latest being new Data Protection laws, which just add cost to the consumer.   I am afraid these laws will still not stop the nuisance calls we all receive - when I get one of them and ask for a company registration number so that I can report it, the phone goes dead, so It’s impossible for me to do so - hence I doubt the new rules will succeed in stopping what they are designed to stop!


"Whenever regulation increases, personal freedom decreases." Alan Wilson


Robins Diary
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