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Robins Diary

Last week was a high point in my business life, when we were presented with one of only 15 “Best UK Dealership to Work For” awards at an Industry Conference in Birmingham.

When I started my own business I wanted to test or challenge myself to see if I could run and own a business successfully - but how do you measure success?  Well, as far as I am concerned, if I can provide a safe and secure workplace, and one that improves the lives of the staff I employ, that they enjoy  and feel part of, then that’s success in my eyes - and I have managed it without a degree in management!!  Just lots of experience and the benefit of learning on the job from some great people,  two in particular, and unfortunately neither of them are still about for me to thank, but thanks anyway Eddie and Colin, I was privileged to learn from you.

It’s great to know in this technology-filled world that mine is still a people business, and my philosophy of having a ‘people car business’ is still the best way in business, and that by my creating a good workplace environment,  that in turn has a great positive effect on the customers we serve. It’s not rocket science, many people claim it’s the right way, but how many of them actually do it?  Well I’m very proud to say we do!!


“By putting the employee first, the customer effectively comes first by default, and in the end, the shareholder comes first by default as well.”  Richard Branson


Robins Diary
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Luscombe Suzuki Leeds Aftersales


I am Robin Luscombe, the owner of the business and I have built Luscombe Suzuki Leeds to totally customer focused foundations - so I believe that good service is what my customers should expect – not be surprised when they receive it!!  My aim however is for my team and I to exceed your expectations.



Fully trained technicians - award winning!

I am delighted that we have a great team of Suzuki trained technicians who consider themselves to be Suzuki Specialists - and they really do care about our customers.  Of the team of technicians - Paul and Jake are Suzuki Master Technicians with considerable Suzuki experience, Jamie is fully qualified having completed his 3 years' Suzuki apprenticeship, Tamweer and Kane have extensive manufacturer knowledge and Tamweer is a qualified MOT Tester.  Michael is in his second year of a Suzuki apprenticeship.

Lowest labour rates of any Suzuki dealer!

I would like you to bring your car back to us for servicing and replacement parts because you want to – not because the warranty says you have to! For that reason the first decision I made on purchasing Luscombe Suzuki Leeds in July 2010 was to reduce our prices and we now offer the lowest labour rate of any Suzuki dealer within 100 miles, and probably a lot further! dealers usually charge the earth, well not here! I don't want you to come back to Luscombe Suzuki Leeds because the warranty says you have to. I want you to come back because you want to! And we all know cost is very important, so the first job I did when I bought the dealership in July 2010 was to reduce our prices! Our Q8 Oils don't come in gold plated bottles, and our prices will compare with any independent garage- but with the added value of a main dealer stamp, a wash, and a loan car if needed.

Genuine warranties - and genuine aftercare!

We offer warranties with our used cars, that ARE worth the paper they are written on! Unfortunately we cannot cover worn tyres, brakes etc, but if it's broken and it shouldn't be - our warranty will cover it! I promise, and you can ring me, Robin Luscombe, anytime - my number is 07984647938. Who else offers that?

Loan Cars? Free Collection and Delivery? - It's all at Luscombe Suzuki!

Cheap tyres versus expensive tyres

Luscombe Suzuki Aftersales